The MERCIAN Regiment is always on the look out for new recruits.

If you are male and aged 16-32 years old and are looking for a career that enables you to travel, play sport, deploy on operations and exercises across the globe please visit the army website and start your application today.

The MERCIAN Regiment is a close knit Infantry unit that recruits from the Heart of England.  We have a strong sense of belonging within our ranks derived from our close affiliation with the counties we recruit from.

We have a Light role Battalion and an Armoured infantry Battalion as well as a Reserve battalion with bases across the Midlands.  If you want to join the Infantry and are from the Midlands we are the Infantry Regiment for you.

We are the Heart of England’s Infantry. Visit us at one of our regular County visits.

To join you will have to go through the following stages, The MERCIAN Regiment Recruiting team is there to support you through the entire process:

1- Complete your online application and select The MERCIAN REGIMENT as one of your choice of arm options.

2- The National recruiting centre will be in touch and you will need to provide them with some paperwork, medical records and attend a short interview at an Army Recruiting centre.

3- Attend and pass Army Selection.

4- Once you have passed selection you will be give a start date at Infantry Training centre Catterick.

5- Join a MERCIAN Battalion and start your career.

To find out more or ask any questions about The Mercian Regiment Now, message us on Facebook or call 01543 432965.

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