You can join the MRA if you are serving, are a veteran or are next of kin of a MERCIAN who has died whilst serving or been killed in action.

  • First step is to identify your closest Branch, contact your branch and express an interest in joining.
  • Attend your first branch event, take your completed MRA application form and give it to the Branch secretary. The form is available form the documents page
  • Follow the Regiment on social media to stay up to date on the latest MRA and regimental events.  Once you are a member the branch secretary will add you to the MRA closed Facebook page.

Once you are a member of a branch you will be able to attend the monthly branch social event, and be invited to attend local military events on behalf of the association.  You will have the opportunity to keep in contact with Mercian Veterans from your area and be kept up to date on the latest issues facing the Regiment.

Stand Firm Strike Hard!

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