Scarlett Full Dress Tunic – Ram Orderly

  • Tunic – Buff collar, cuffs and shoulder straps. Front edged (piped) white. 7 Mercian Regiment 1” buttons, bearing Mercian Eagle, in stay brite / brass anodised. Drummers’ Crown Lace according to Regulations. Scarlet and white worsted fringing to Wings. Drummers’ braid on bottom of collar, edges of shoulder-straps and top of cuffs. Special Arm Badge (Glider/Knot) on upper right arm.
  • Trousers – Infantry of the Line Full Dress dark blue Trousers.
  • Helmet – Infantry of the Line 1881 Pattern Blue Cloth Helmet. Universal Pattern brass Star Helmet Plate. Helmet centre of Mercian Eagle within a circle bearing the title ‘THE MERCIAN REGIMENT’, all in brass with black cloth backing.
  • Belt – Heavy white matt plastic (or whitened buff leather) Waist belt.
  • Accoutrements – Brass Mercian Regiment Waist Belt Clasp. Tunic adorned with gold Universal NCOs’ pattern lace and gold Russia braid according to Regulations. Medals, court mounted.
  • Footwear – Black leather Ammunition Boots or George Boots.
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